Twitter is a service used for updating networks through micro-blogging.
Facebook is a social networking service organized by city, workplace, and region.
MySpace originally was an online music community, but now is a social network site.
LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site used for professional networking.
Perk Friday
Perk Friday is a weekly entertainment website covering movies, music, podcasts, social networks and other interests on the internet.

Amy Conner Photography
Amy Conner has done extensive commerical work for music artists, promotional events, as well as family photography.

Synthetik Media
Synthetik Media is a Nashville, TN area based web and media firm with many years of experience in the entertainment industry.

Nashvillest is a blog about all things Nashville. It is an insider's coverage for news, events, sports and restaurants in the music city.

HearItFirst is an online community dedicated to the artists and the fans of Christian music featuring interviews, audio, and tours.